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Title: 9/26/2013 2:15:39 AM
Today's lunch? A sushi lunch special delivered straight to my door. Lots of food: Salad, soup, rice, shumai, and sushi and all of it good to very good. The salad was just that, a little salad, nice and fresh. The soup knocked my socks off, excellent, both light and flavorful. The shumai were tasty and the sushi was excellent with good textures and great flavors. I plan to order again, soon. I have only just recently begun to eat sushi and this was the best so far....................... encouraging me to continue my exploration.
Title: 9/15/2013 2:35:42 AM
We went in a party of 6 and were seated promptly. It was a no-frills experience; fresh sushi (and generously-portioned), friendly service, clean space, and speedy food preparation. The waitress was very nice about the kids in our group who decided to jump, scream, and spill water all over the place (sorry my fellow restaurant-mates!!) and she did not raise an eyebrow even with all the chaos that went on. I took off one star because the menu is somewhat limited in the noodle department, but that's just for someone like me who loves noodles :)
Title: Update on rude delivery guy8/20/2013 3:55:26 PM
The manager just called back to apologise about the delivery guy, so I suppose they do follow up. I appreciated the call
Title: Rude delivery guy8/20/2013 3:51:39 PM
While the food is always amazing and we usually order once a week from here, today we ordered through seamlessweb and i messed up on the tip and the delivery guy told me i was cheap, just as i was looking through my wallet to compensate him. I understand they work for tips, but now he will not be getting any tips from us anymore as we wont be ordering from there anymore. It bothers me the most because we usually tip very well. Frustrating because when i called to speak to the manager the woman was also unhelpful.
Title: An Hour Wait and My Food is still not here7/31/2013 5:55:07 PM
ordered around 7:40.. it is now 9 and my food is not here yet
Title: 7/3/2013 1:48:58 AM
I'm Never disappointed with This place. I'm a regular customer here and they always get my order right, and delivers in a timely fashion. I usually order my fav, teriyaki salmon and its always to my liking. Host and wait staff are professional, friendly and warm. Wait time is not long, which is important for me, and prices are good. I enjoy both coming here and ordering take out. This is my "go to" spot when I'm starved...5 stars.
Title: 7/18/2013 11:39:49 AM
I order delivery from here on almost a weekly basis - they are on Seamless, which is great.I have never been to the restaurant so I can't review that.The sushi is very fresh and delicious. I recommend the spicy tuna roll, the shrimp mango roll, and the crazy tuna roll. For veggie rolls the jade roll and 5.97 roll are both really good.They do the rice so well here - the perfect consistency and ratio (not too much rice!).The miso soup is also good, not remotely fishy.
Title: 7/16/2013 7:47:27 AM
fresh fresh fresh! im a picky sushi/sashimi eater and i have no complaintsi had the sashimi lunch special. make sure you ask for brown rice!
Title: 7/16/2013 11:24:40 AM
really nice place, food was yummy,but services are little bit slow.
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